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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A conceptual model to develop data gathered from unstructured sources into marketing knowledge 1-gen-2015 Scorrano, Paola; Fait, MONICA MARIA ELENA
A Concrete Utopian 1-gen-2016 Filoni, M
A framework for analysing convergence between online brand identity and online brand image. The case of the British Museum 1-gen-2017 Fait, MONICA MARIA ELENA; Scorrano, Paola; Maizza, Amedeo; Thrassou, Alkis
A gate mechanism indicated in the selectivity filter of the potassium channel KscA 1-gen-2007 Kona, J.; Minozzi, M; Torre, V.; Carloni, P.
“A general taxonomy for environmental contrasts in resource uses” 1-gen-2013 1., Alleva G; Bramati, Mc; Musella, F
A global-local approach for the prediction of fiber/matrix debonding initiation in micro-composite materials under general loading conditions 1-gen-2018 Greco, ; F, ; Leonetti, ; Luciano, ; Medaglia, C; Pranno,
A Kigali e momentaneamente in Belgio. Dialogue: fra nuova identità nazionale e etnismo negazionista 1-gen-2009 Cristofori, S
A Knowledge-based view of People and Technology: Directions for a value co-creation based learning organisation 1-gen-2019 Caputo, ; F, ; Garcia-Perez, ; A, ; Cillo, V; Giacosa, ; E,
A Lexicon for Italian cinema: A conversation about history, theory and critique 1-gen-2017 Tagliani, Giacomo; Coviello, Massimiliano; Degaetano, Roberto; Venzi, Luca; Zucconi, Francesco
A longitudinal investigation into multilevel agile & ambidextrous strategic dualities in an information technology high performing EMNE 1-gen-2021 Pereira, V; Del Giudice, M; Malik, A; Tarba, S; Temouri, Y; Budhwar, P; Patnaik, S
A Ludic/Narrative Interpretation of the Willingness to Repeatedly Play Mobile Serious Games 1-gen-2015 Imbellone, A.; Botte, B.; Marinensi, G.; Medaglia, C
A Marx "crises" model. The reproduction schemes revisited 1-gen-2019 VERONESE PASSARELLA, M
A Matter of Frames and 'Dispositions': ‘Real Time Film’ and ‘Sensitive Environments’ 1-gen-2010 Re, VALENTINA CARLA
A microfoundational perspective on SMEs' growth in the digital transformation era 1-gen-2021 Scuotto, V; Nicotra, M; Del Giudice, M; Krueger, N; Gregori, Gl
A model for the diffusion of knowledge sharing technologies inside private transport companies 1-gen-2015 DEL GIUDICE, M; DELLA PERUTA, Mr; Maggioni, V
‘A moment before you need more happiness': Mad Men, Haynes y Douglas Sirk 1-gen-2018 Re, V.
A multiple buyer–supplier relationship in the context of SMEs' digital supply chain management 1-gen-2017 Scuotto, V; Caputo, F; Villasalero, M; DEL GIUDICE, M
A museum mobile game for children using QR-codes 1-gen-2009 BIADER CEIPIDOR, Ugo; Medaglia, CARLO MARIA; Perrone, Amedeo; DE MARSICO, Maria; Giorgia Di, Romano
A network model approach to enhance knowledge sharing for internationalization readiness of SMEs 1-gen-2021 Magni, D; Chierici, R; Fait, M; Lefebvre, K
A new measure of the resilience for networks of funds with applications to socially responsible investments 1-gen-2022 Cerqueti, R.; Ciciretti, R.; Dalo, A.; Nicolosi, M.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 4.941
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